PiP iT Payments announces ZeePay partnership

This month PiP iT is joining forces with Zeepay. Zeepay are a Ghanaian company focused on providing integrated mobile payments services with mobile wallets targeting the unbanked and banked population. The objective is to bring the unbanked into the financial stream, and to ease payments and collections for the banked population. This focus aligns perfectly[…]

PiP iT Payments announces ImpalaPay partnership

ImpalaPay is an innovative fintech company that is eliminating traditional boundaries creating a border free to interconnected low cost payments network. ImpalaPay was an early innovator in the mobile and online finance world, having been incorporated in 2004 – well before mobile was so dominant. They saw the requirement for banking to change and adopt to[…]

You can now Pay for Online Purchases at the Post Office

Once upon a time, the Post Office only dealt with post. They sold stamps and delivered letters and parcels. Today, it’s a totally different ball game. Today, the Post Office offers a range of personal financial services as well as stamps. And now, there is yet another new financial service to consumers on offer. You[…]

Can Online Shoppers Have Their Cake and Eat It Too?

Shopping online has become a regular habit for many of us.  A recent survey of 1,000 UK shoppers by marketing consultants Ingenuity showed that 94% of respondants had made an online purchase in the last year.  What’s not to love about skipping the parking hassle, the crowds and the long queues?     Shopping online[…]

PiP iT now live with Interpay Africa

We are delighted to take this opportunity to announce the launch of a partnership with Interpay Africa. Interpay are one of west Africa’s leading payments platforms and our partnership enables a completely new FinTech service to disrupt the remittance market.     The remittance market is dominated by established money transfer brands as there are[…]

Does MasterCard’s New Payment Technology Solve Problems or Create More?

MasterCard is rolling out new biometric payment options for online shopping across Europe. The new option lets consumers use biometrics instead of passwords or PINs to make purchases. Customers can take a selfie to use face recognition software. Those with phones or devices with a fingerprint reader can use that method.     MasterCard is[…]

Do your Ecommerce Payment Options Reflect a Commitment to User Experience?

UX – user experience – is a crucial element to any website’s success. If your users don’t have a good experience on your site, why would they buy from you? User experience is about seeing the site from your visitors’ point of view rather than your own.  Is your website easy and appealing to use? […]