If you are a biller, you want your customers to be able to make a payment as easily as possible. Often this means cash, but you don’t want cash in your office. Cash in the office brings with it problems like security risk, cash handling fees and the big problem of reconciliation of payments.

PiP iT takes all this pain away!

This is how PiP iT works for you:

  1. Generate a bar code for the amount via PiP iT dashboard. Repeat bills can also be generated which are sent            automatically
  2. Bar code is sent via text or email to your customer
  3. They can print code or keep on their phone, and bring to any Post Office in the UK (more collection points and countries coming soon)
  4. Once bar code is scanned, you get notified payment has been made and your dashboard is updated

And we offer a ‘Pay Out’ service where any refunds can be paid through the Post Office too:

PiP iT makes CASH payments easy, convenient and painless for you and for your customers.