50% of all transactions in the UK are in cash. 4.5 million UK adults have said, despite availability of electronic payment systems, that they prefer to transact in cash (Source: Financial Inclusion Commission)


Despite this, banks and payment companies only offer electronic methods for payments of bills, online orders and loading of eWallets. You are losing potential customers due to the limited methods available to receive payments.


With PiP iT, you can now offer your customers a safe and easy way to pay in cash. They simply generate a barcode for the amount and it is send via text or email. Your customer can then pay in any Post Office in the UK with the bar code.


You can offer PiP iT via our REST API, or even as a white label with a hosted service.


Once you have created your merchant account (click here – it only takes seconds!)  you can then download and integrate our API or we can set up a dedicated hosted service for you with :


Dedicated AWS configuration, including;

  • Firewall & Load balancers
  • Multiple servers for scaling and failover
  • Dedicated RDS Database


You will also have a dedicated Merchant Dashboard and System Dashboard

Your customer will have the convenience and availability of paying with cash in their local Post Office, but they don’t need any additional accounts with PiP iT. Their account is with you. PiP iT doesn’t have or hold any of their personal information, so it is secure.


You will have an additional payment method to offer your customers, but you won’t have the hassle of actually collecting the cash.

  • Your PiP iT dashboard reconciles the payments removing the main problem with cash collection
  • Repeat payments can be scheduled to go automatically
  • You don’t have any cash handling charges
  • You don’t have to commit resources to physically go and collect cash/receive cash in your office
  • You don’t have any security concerns with collecting or storing cash


If you want more information specific to your business, click the link relevant to you: