PiP iT iT offers internet merchants the opportunity to sell their products and services to cash customers by allowing them to make payments in cash or by debit card at over 12,500 UK Post Ofices.

How it works

  1. A customer selects a product as normal on your website.
  2. At checkout they are given the option to use ‘PiP iT iT’ as their payment method. This automatically generates a barcode which is sent to their mobile phone or can be printed out.
  3. You then reserve your customer’s order for a set period of time to allow them to call in to any Post Office in the UK, where the barcode is scanned at the counter and the payment is made in cash or by debit card.
  4. PiP iT iT notifies you that payment has been received and you fulfil the order.

Benefits of PiP iT for Merchants

  • PiP iT is simple to integrate and easy to use for you and your customers.
  • PiP iT gives your website the advantage of being able to offer both online and offline payment methods for your products and services.
  • PiP iT removes the risk, cost and headache of chargebacks
  • PiP iT can give your customers an alternative payment option in the event of a card decline online, which could significantly increase your conversion rates.
  • PiP iT gives your customers the choice to pay either online or offline for their purchases.

Which means that anyone who does not have a debit or credit card or won’t risk using them online can now buy safely and conveniently from your website.

Benefits PiP iT Offers Your Customers

  • PiP iT is convenient, simple and safe to use.
  • No card details are shared online during a PiP iT payment, making it completely anonymous and secure.
  • Payments are quick and easy to make using the familiar and trusted payment facilities of the Post Office
  • Customers only require a mobile phone to receive their barcode via text, or they can print it out.
  • There’s no need to top up prepaid cards or e-wallets, or for prior purchase of vouchers or PIN codes to shop online.
  • There’s no need to register or create an account to use PiP iT.
  • PiP iT works for all internet users, whether they are unable or reluctant to use cards for online payments e.g. the youth market, the unbanked and underbanked, the security conscious etc.