Payment Source Strategic Partnership

By Ollie Walsh

Earlier this year, we announced that we were working with Payment Source in Canada to extend both of our networks. Now, our initial agreement has been formally extended to a Strategic Partnership.

As well as making PiP iT’s UK network available to Canadian merchants, and Payment Sources network available to PiP iT customers, we will now be actively working together to build a combined customer based.

Our two companies have been working together on a cooperative basis for about the last year and as well as having a similar offering and merchant base, our two teams quickly gelled into a strong working relationship. This was cemented in May when our CEO – Ollie Walsh – spent two days with the Payment Source team in their Toronto offices.

Now PiP iT and Payment Source will be actively working together to develop the ‘Pay in Person’ market
Robert Hyde VP of Business Development Payment Source, Ollie Walsh CEO of PiP iT and Peter Marken Progr
am Manager Payment Source

‘Our two companies have very similar models in terms of being cash loading/cash payments’ says Ollie Walsh from PiP iT ‘and traditional business would have seen this as a reason to compete. From our initial discussions with Payment Source it was obvious that we should collaborate, not compete.’

PiP iT and Payment Source will now be working together to bring the ‘Pay in Person’ model of cash payments for online and digital services to markets around the world.