Pay Electricity Bill in Zimbabwe from UK

By Ollie Walsh

As we recently announced we are partnering with Zympay for cross-border bill payments. Zympay specialise in international bill payments from the UK to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zaire and Nigeria with more countries coming soon.

30% of the money remitted from UK is to pay domestic bills. However, it is expensive to send this money home. With Zympay, the UK resident can pay the bill directly at a much lower cost and with much less hassle.

From next month, Zympay customers will be able to make these payments with cash in their local Post Office via PiP iT.

Here is a great story of one of London-based Zympay’s customers paying her mother’s electricity bill:

From the Zympay Blog

We had a lovely call to our Customer Service department the other day from a lady in Zimbabwe.

Her ZESA electricity meter having run out she had texted her daughter who was on her way to work and sitting on a bus in London. ‘Can you top-up my ZESA prepaid meter?’ Her daughter used her mobile to go online at and topped up her mother’s ZESA electricity putting in her meter number and mobile number and paying with a debit card. Within three minutes her mother had texted her again to say that she had received the top-up code via SMS, had tapped the code into her meter and the ZESA electricity in Zimbabwe was back on!

This customer’s mother is infirm and not able to get out of the house. A simple online payment had made a big difference and saved all the cost and hassle of having to transfer money too.

Here is infographic how system works…