Our Social Mission

Pipit Global is a company with a mission – a social mission.

We are a Financial Inclusion company with a mission to help both unbanked and security-conscious people to fully participate in the Digital World.

We are not here just for the benefit of our shareholders and stakeholders, but for society. We believe in this so strongly; we have written it into our Articles of Association.

Many businesses today push customers towards transacting online, through incentives and price reductions. It can often be cheaper to shop, buy a train ticket, pay bills or transfer money with a digital/online transaction than over-the-counter.

However, currently almost all digital payment requires a bank account and/or credit/debit card; and not having either, or not wanting to use this facility because of security or privacy fears, excludes a significant segment of our population from fully participating in the global online community, which is where much of our lives are lived today.

Pipit Global wants to change this.

As a Social Impact enterprise, we have aligned with the UN’s Social Development Goal (SDG) 10 to reduce the cost of remittances from the current global average of 7% (Q3 2020) to 3% by 2030.

Remittances are financial transfers from non-residents to residents of a country, such as a worker abroad sending money to family and friends, or from short-term, seasonal work in another country.

Pipit Global has developed its platform to enable International Cash Top Ups as a model to contribute towards the SDG. Instead of peer-to-peer sending cash, we enable cash to be loaded to an account – into a bank account at home, into an eWallet, to an eCommerce platform or to a biller.

Traditional financial services remain out of reach for 1.7 billion people around the world. There are many reasons for this including poverty, access, distrust of banks and an urban/rural divide. Technology is changing this and offers a huge opportunity to provide more tailored, flexible and cost-effective payment services that give people more control over how they use their own money.

At Pipit Global, we believe that as developing nations look at ways to bring Financial Inclusion to all their citizens, they must remember the importance role that cash holds within financially excluded communities and new financial initiatives should also conserve and promote the use of cash.

Cash is universal and cannot be ignored in Financial Inclusion efforts. It is accepted everywhere and can be used by anyone, regardless of ethnicity, age or socioeconomic background. Despite the huge growth in digital payment systems, cash persists.

Financial inclusion is not about going ‘cashless’ but about increasing the ways in which people can use cash. Rather than drawing a line between the ‘haves’ with access to digital payments and the ‘have-nots’ whose don’t; innovative cash-friendly programs will boost Financial Inclusion by building upon the things that communities in developing nations know and trust best. Even when money is sent electronically, it is most often converted into cash.