eCommerce Bill Payments in Cash


Pipit pay-in-person is an alternative cash payment method which gives online shoppers the option to buy online but pay offline with cash at one of our Cash Network points across the globe.

Here’s how it works:

Merchants can integrate with Pipit via our RestAPI. Magento website developers can download and install the free Magento Module.

A customer, making an online purchase, clicks through to the checkout they choose the pay-in-person payment

Pipit automatically generates a barcode order form

The customer receives their order barcode by e-mail

The customer brings the barcode to their nearest Cash Collection point

The customer pays over the counter with cash

Pipit notifies the online retailer that the order has been paid

The retailer sends the goods to the customer

Pipit settles with retailer in line with the contract terms.

Online retailers should consider pay-in-person as an alternative payment method because:

Online shoppers are more security conscious than ever – with 81% concerned about cyber-criminals when it comes to sharing personal details.

Today’s consumers expect several payment options at an online checkout and 67% of UK customers admitted that they have abandoned a shopping cart simply because they didn’t trust the payment methods on offer.

Online retailers must make it easy for consumers to buy online by offering the right payment mix and minimising the risk factor to ensure
consumer trust.

Merchants can integrate with Pipit to accept cash payments via our RestAPI.

The Pipit pay-in-person plug-in is also available to download from the Magento Marketplace

It is simple to integrate and easy to use for you and your customers