Cash to eWallets & Mobile


Pipit turns cash into digital currency.

Pipit enables your customers to load cash to their eWallet through our simple, secure barcode-based system, which seamlessly integrates with your current software.

Here’s how it works:

eWallet is integrated with the Pipit cash collection platform

The account holder selects ‘cash top-up’ in order to add funds to their eWallet

Pipit automatically generates a transaction barcode within the eWallet

The customer goes to their nearest Cash Collection point
where the barcode is scanned,

The customer pays over the counter with cash

Pipit notifies the eWallet company that the order has been paid

The eWallet is updated and the funds appear in the account

Why offer cash top-ups to your eWallet customers?

Almost 50% of the worlds population do not have a bank account so cannot use current eWallets.

Smartphone ownership is growing rapidly in areas of low banking infrastructure such as parts of Africa, India, Asia and South America; but eWallet penetration is limited by the ability to load them with cash.

eWallet cash top-ups for customers without a bank account, but with internet access, means they can participate in the digital world.

Accessing online bill payment, bank lodgments and money transfer can bring significant benefits to customers in terms of access and affordability.