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Pipit Banking

Pipit banking

Many banks today have a presence overseas, but may not have an international branch network. This can make funds transfer difficult for their overseas customers.

Pipit banking facilitates cross-border CASH lodgment to an international bank account.

Here’s how it works:

Migrant workers without an overseas bank account, or access to their national bank account from abroad, have limited money transfer options available to them, and will likely pay high fees to send money to their families back at home.

The growing PCC new includes 1.1million cash in points and operates as an International Branch Network for our client banks and allows their customers to lodge cash into their bank accounts from abroad.

Why is Pipit banking good for your bank?

Cash-friendly initiatives successfully boost Financial Inclusion in developing economies by supporting the fact that cash is integral to the daily life of it’s citizens.

Pipit banking offers a unique opportunity to democratize banking in developing economies by bringing large numbers of its unbanked population into their system, and helping customers to leverage their bank accounts in a cost-effective, meaningful, reliable and secure way.

Pipit banking gives your customers what they want – low transaction costs, worldwide access and convenience through a service that is relevant to their needs.