Who we work with

Zeepay – eWallet cash loading from the UK for Western African bill payments

ZymPay – Cash bill payments from the UK and Canada for South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, India and Philippines.

Swifin – eWallet Cash loading from the UK for Cameroon and Uganda bill payments

WinstantPay – WinstantPay was formed to provide a global network for instant settlement of payments in any currency, anywhere, and anytime.

PayAfrique – Cash lodgements from the UK into African banks. Also, airtime and bill pay for West Africa

Impalapay – ImpalaPay is an innovative fintech company that is eliminating traditional boundaries creating a border free to interconnected low cost payments network.

People’s Pension Trust Ghana

Interpay Africa-Cash bill payments from the UK for Ghana

Hygeia HMO – We offer comprehensive health insurance services to corporate organizations, SMEs with 10 or more members and Individuals. We have delivered first-class health insurance services in Nigeria since 1986. Our managed care schemes provide an outstanding level of healthcare.

UBER REMIT is a mobile wallet App that allows instant international money transfer (cash to cash in less than 60 seconds). UBER REMIT has access to deliver instant mobile money to over 20 countries.

Omanye Electronic Payments is much more than just money transfer. It provides a transfer and payment platform that allows the unbanked and underbanked, throughout the world, and small/medium scale enterprises (SMEs), to participate and compete in the global economy.

Jeton Wallet provides you to make secure money transfer, online purchases and money … The digital wallet also helps businesses to accept global payments.

Transzak provides a global network for instant settlement of payments in any currency, anywhere, and anytime.

CredytsGold is a gold-backed digital currency that’s safe, stable and supported by an open network of partners, enabling anyone to reap the benefits of gold and take ownership of their wealth.